Who am I?

Growing up in the foothills of Ohio, I realized I was destined for cities of light.  The more crowded, or polluted, the better.  So after hanging out with the brothas in Philly and suits in New York, I moved to the concrete jungle of HK, followed by Singapore. I am currently an Expat in HK, ie American living abroad, although settling in California has been a lifelong pursuit.  As you can see by the time capsule letter I wrote in grade school, when I invented the time honored classic “french fry salad”:


Why did I start a blog?

When I walk through the streets, greeted by unfamiliar faces, I often consider why everyone’s hustling around.  Are they going to the market to buy family groceries?  Is this a quick trip to the pharmacy to buy pills for a loved one?  Or is it as boring as a trip to the laundromat?  What kind of mood are they in?  The daily bustle is driven by the mundane and the meaningful; everyone has a backstory.

Mine has involved a ridiculous amount of moving and travel.  It exhausts me sometimes just thinking about it.  Since my college years, I got into this cycle of moving..oh about every 9 months would probably be accurate. I’ve lived and worked in 3 countries, some of them multiple times.

It’s fair to say I tend to get restless if I don’t jump on a plane, boat, rickshaw with my bags packed.  Travel does the trick sometimes..I’ve been RTW (round the world) to 54 countries on 6 continents, managing 40 countries in 2009 alone.  I still manage about 10 countries a year.  But not all travel is glamorous..I distinctly remember an overseas trip where we were rear ended at a stoplight, welcoming me to the world of whiplash and years of physical therapy, acupuncture, and pain management.  I suppose it’s good practice for getting older.

Wherever I am, I strive to be passionate and fearless..plus have an open mind and a big heart.  This blog is mainly about my passions: Traveling, Personal Finance, Food, Health, and Parenting.




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Truly living…through travel, food, health, and parenting

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