Reasons not to become a blogger

Everyone’s doing it.  For every travel blogger I find who has quit their corporate job to travel, there must be a million more that are doing the same.  Actually, I think it’s the norm to quit and travel.  A few minutes online and I feel like jumping the fences too..I mean does anyone work anymore?

I am old school.  I’m old enough to remember the pre-internet days, when computers were for kids playing Pac-man and scientists saving the world.  I’m also young enough to enjoy being plugged in.  Which leaves me wanting to opt-out sometimes.

My mom is more popular than I am.  My mom meets what I call the traditional definition of old: gray hair, has grandkids, is often confused by touchscreens.  She’s a classical writer in every sense of the word-loves composing poems, writing thought provoking pieces, publishing her art work and calligraphy.  And she started a blog!  It’s been running a few years and she has wayy more virtual friends than I do.  And if we both have blogs, we can compare  stats.  How embarassing?

All my stuff out there makes me uncomfortable.  I took a social media marketing class where one of the slides said something like: Everything you put online will always be there, even if you delete it.   The kinda words that haunt you..forever.

Followers.  Some kind of euphemism for stalker, is it?  Let me put something online so that people can..follow me around the internet.

Visions of Grandeur.  Let’s say that people do decide to “follow” me.  Does that make me important?

Ah well, here we go anyway.