Iceland..Round the Ring Road

the infamous Blue Lagoon, after the sun has set and crowds departed

The Ring Road is a road circling Iceland that can be driven in 24 hrs straight, if necessary.  My favorite feature of Iceland was discovering the ever shifting geology and scenery along the way.  The 2 lane drive had the unhurried feel of a back country road,  rustic and untouched.  One minute we’d stumble upon glaciers and icebergs in a pond, and the next there would be volcanic rock and black sand beaches.    The serenity lulled us into such a sense of calm that we picked up 2 Icelandic hitchhikers and lived to tell the tale..

Iceland in 6 days?

Day 1 Reykjavik (capital)
-Blue Lagoon-geothermal spa
Day 2 Golden Circle
1)Pingvellir national park-site of rift created by the separating N. American and Euroasian plates
Pingvellir national park

Summer2009_0901_192257Summer2009_0901_161948     Summer2009_0901_123547       Summer2009_0829_173120

2)valley of Haukadalur, with the geysers Geysir and Strokkur

3) waterfall Gullfoss

-drive to Skafatell
Day 3
-4 hr Glacier adventure on Vatnojokull, Europe’s largest icecap (world’s 3rd largest after Antarctica & Greenland)
-drive around coast toward East fjords, beautiful lake within minutes of Fjallsarlon
-stayed at Berunes
Day 5
-drive toward east fjords
-Lake Myvatyn, Krafla geothermal field
-waterfalls near Gooafoss
-dinner in Akuyreyn
-stayed in Saeberg/Reykir
Day 6
-touched Arctic Ocean
-drive toward NW Snafestnell peninsula, Stykks___ for lunch, drive west,
-visitor center in Hellnar-hike to volcanic rock near Dritvik, arches near Gatklettur
-drive back to Reykjavik




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