Meals By Genet


Headline :too spicy for my personal preferencegenet

Veggie combo-the waiter recommended  we order a protein dish and a veggie combo because it came with all the veggie sides.  There were sides like lentils, salad, carrots,beets, puréed veggies, etc.  I didn’t realize that half of the veggie items were spicy.   
Dorowot-spicy chicken
Injera-spongy bread that comes with the meal

Ethiopian food is analogous to Indian food for me..both cuisines use their hands to eat and dip bread into spiced curries or purees.  This meal put my mouth on fire, so unfortunately I can’t rate my experience higher.  I’ve also been to a few other Ethiopian restaurants in little Ethiopia that are more cheaply priced and tasted very good.  This was on Jonathan Gold’s (Pulitzer prize winning food critic) top 100 list so there was probably a premium.

Service :Very attentive..4 different people waited on us within the first 10 mins.   The chef/owner also came out to greet everyone, which was nice.

Parking: Free in the lot behind the restaurant.  It’s tight but there should be enough space.  You have to enter from the alley behind 7-11 or Carls Jr



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